Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stamped Clip Board

This is one of my favorite all time gifts/projects that I've received from artists using Rubber Stamp Plantation stamps.
. hanging heliconia (3-D)
. new aloha
. xlg deb's sun
. xlg bamboo
. paradise is where I am...
. xlg postcard (postmarked early 20th century, mailed to a friend in S. Dakota, reading "...wouldn't you like to be where you can wear white dresses year round...")

It's too nice to use...so it's hanging in my kitchen.
Hope this inspires you!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I have a little dreidle. I made it out of clay...and rubber stamped it!

Tonite at 6pm the biweekly cable TV show, Joy of Crafting, on channel 16 (Oceanic Cable channel 16) will feature Debra Zeleznik (me) from Rubber Stamp Planation (us), making dreidles out of clay! I used the Laua'e fern and islamic border stamps to decorate dreidles I made with self hardening clay. They were surprisingly simple, and not that difficult to get them balanced so they can spin like a top.

Do check out Joy of Crafting...It runs quite a few times during the 2 week period. I'll be featured on the following program in 2 weeks as well.

Tropical Etch Glass Etching Class...Wed 12/10 6-8:30p

Hope you can join us for a (click for details) glass etching workshop Wed. 12/10 at Rubber Stamp Plantation.
David will be facilitating this adventure in one of the easiest and dramatic, up and coming crafts.
All the supplies are included...All the Tropical Etch stencils you can possibly use, in whatever designs you want; picks; etching cream; painter's masking tape, etc.
You bring the glass pieces you want to etch.
For beginners, you can probably get 3-6 pieces completed...for more advanced pieces using multiple stencils..at least 2 or 3. David suggests you bring at least 5 pieces with you (including recycled glass!!!!).
This cobalt glass uses one stencil...and it's super quick and easy. Its a "tile" pattern that we created for use on bathroom tiles. As you can see...all the stencils are versitile. This one also looks great on a square glass platter. BFS is carrying some really nice ones in various sizes these days. When I get one done, I'll post a photo.
Meanwhile, you can catch more samples of glass we've etched on our new Tropical Etch gallery.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Happy Thanksgiving" from Bucky and Nani in Pa'auilo, Big Island

"HAPPY THANKSGIVING" says Bucky the llama! His sister Nani also wishes you a wonderful Holiday! They are so grateful to be living up on the mountain on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii...in Pa'auilo. They live where wild turkey flocks high tail it thru their pasture, baiting Copper to come for a chase. Bucky's a little shy, tho loves his carrots. Nani is just pure love!
Be sure to see their humans' amazing artwork at the Annual Thanksgiving Studio Sale in Volcano this weekend. It really is not to be missed. All of the galleries, and artist studios open their spaces for you to perouse and purchase all your hand made holiday gifts. Be sure to save some cash to treat your self to a trinket or two, to adornmen yourself and home!
Tell Zeke and Randy...and all the other artists I send my Aloha! Wish I could join you...tho cooking a bird and lamb for a gaggle here in Pacific Heights. Much aloha to all! Deb

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Car decals are so much more! Decorate garden pots...

Again...my motto seems to come back to "no surface shall be left unadorned!" It exists...therefore it must be altered, or be made into an alter.

Here you find a simple...tho quite hideous planter, made fresh and anew with monstera and tribal gecko decals.

Keep thinking green...what can I make special? and who can I give it to?

I'm definitely into my "alter and purge" stage.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Gallery Postings...More dimensional projects with tropical rubber stamps

This is part of the new gallery Eric uploaded last week. He went around the workshop and photographed some of the projects that are on display. Stephanie Freeman, Sharon Diskin, Roberta Wax, Syndee Holt, Marie Segal, Erin Arguenta, Debbie West, Ira Ono, Zeke Israel, Mike Todd, Lilla Levine, Tammi Hitchcock, Margie Yasui, Suze Weinberg, Michele Ota, and other amazing creatives have contributed to our revolving "Gallery" located at 746 Ilaniwai Street, in the Kaka'ako neighborhood of Honolulu.
We're nestled amongst car repair places and small ware houses...lunch trucks, Korean "spas", and ever blooming plumeria trees! Blocks away from the beach, most people know the street, not it's name.
We have barely scratched the surface, archiving and uploading inspiring projects. Keep checking back...and PLEASE send us your Rubber Stamp Plantation Artwork & Projects!
You can either email them to us...or send us the real thing!

U da best!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Food to the right, fresh lava straight ahead...

On the Big Island for 5 days, I headed south to Kalapana with Zeke. We were on our way to buy goodies for our stores from a woman who imports from Indonesia. This is where we turned left. To the right of the sign was the lava flow that you can hike out to. After sunset you can see the red glow falling into the ocean.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Chanukah and Jewish stamps!

So our Synagogue, Temple Emanu-El, had their first Chanukah & Chaliday Craft Fair yesterday. The day was gorgeous with light trades...a perfect day for a Hawaiian craft Fair.
Hoping to get some Chanukah Cards made with the Menorah photo shoot collection (menorah on the beach...as seen in previous blog posts), I decided to pump out some Chanukah and "Jewish" stamps...This is a first for us...and we're taking requests for additional designs!
So here they are...http://www.rubberstampplantation.com/store/newstamps.htm
Enjoy, and be sure to get them in time for all your holiday needs!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Zeke takes off with Rubber Stamp Plantation stamps and raku!

I'm escaping to Zeke and Randy's place in Pauilo on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island. It'll be my retreat for 5 days following the election.
Zeke is a talented potter who participates in the Volcano Open House Studio Sale...
All of the Galleries and Art Studios in Volcano open their doors Thanksgiving weekend for the most amazing progressive art sale. Artisans and crafters work all year readying for this event.
Zeke brought these prototypes as gifts when he stayed with us for a trade show in September.
I hope these will inspire you to play with stamps in your clay!
Palms waving aloha!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trekking around Maui...and Kula Lavender Farm!

I arrived on Maui, Monday for a wholesale trade show. While waiting for check-in...2 of us hopped into my very full truck (we came over on the Superferry), and headed up the Mountain (Haleakela...which has a crater the size of Manhattan at the top) to visit the Kula Lavender Farm. It was exquisite! I'll post photos and put in links when I return this weekend. I bought huge bouquets of Protea flowers for only $10...Lavender flower season is over, tho the protea are in full bloom. I returned today, after the show to buy as many as is could to bring back for friends!
I also drove through the pastures past Kula and Keokea to meet with Diane and Mike at Ulapalakua Ranch Store, which dates back to the 1880's. They had invited me to lunch, tho arrived a bit late because I was so distracted along the way.

Hope you'll take time for Upcountry Maui when on island next!
Palms waving aloha,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to display your tropical ATC's!

Tammi brought us these really well done ATC's that she made with our Aloha From Hawaii vintage stickers. The Pineapple ATC has instructions on how to cut up a pineapple. And yes...even my wrist rest for my keyboard is a beach scene!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Paper Nite Sideways...a virtual tour! Click to watch the video clips.

Ok...so I'm not so great with the camera...tho you get the idea! You wouldn't believe the mess...
Thanks to the Menehune, the gang barely knew we were even here last nite. We even had most of the glitter wiped up before the morning stamp elves showed up at work!

Paper Mania!

OMG! what a mess...and great fun! 20 Stampclub participants made close to 300 sheets of parchment paper!
will post the how to...and a video when I get it together!
wish you were here...

Waves up on the North Shore

Guess we're leaving Summer. In Hawaii, this means the waves move from the South Shore to the North Shore...and the lines at Aoki's and Matsumoto's get long. I think Kathy Aoki once told me that she makes 5-10 gallons of home made Shave Ice syrup 3-5 days a week. Often making more than one flavor batch per day! Amazing! I'll have to ask her again when I'm up in Haleiwa. Still haven't tried all the flavors. Great excuse to duck out and go for a drive!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some of the new rubber stamps...Plumeria peace sign rubber stamp, Quan Yin & more...

The new tikis and peace signs seem to be flying out the door...I especially love "war is not healthy for children and other living things" with the Peace Turtle Stamp!

Stamps I'm working with today!

Today is play day for me at the workshop...working on projects for AB round robin, Chanukah menorah for Joy of Crafting filming on Friday, and samples for our Shimmering Papers workshop at Stampclub tomorrow nite.
Here's a peek in my basket of stamps...I'm particularly fond of the new Quan Yin Longevity collage stamp in the left bottom corner...guess I'm excited about the new designs!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vintage Pendant-copper & mica frame

Marilyn is one of those great women who is often cranky, and always creative...She made this way cool pendant with patina'd copper, wrapped with wire. The vintage photo is one of Rubber Stamp Plantation's Aloha from Hawaii vintage stickers. She used mica as the "glass window", giving it a slightly textured antique look. I love this idea and her execution. You can find Marilyn every month in Kapiolani Park at the Handcrafters and Artisans Alliance Craft Fairs. In her booth you'll find art dolls, sterling flatware jewelry (I wear my demitasse earrings often), Raku perfume/oil amulets....

Plumeria wall hanging with new Craft Stencils

I was playing around with our new Tropical Craft Stencils.
I used the retro plumeria stencil and pressed it into terra cotta clay. I also used the monstera border stamp...one of my favorites. This was bisque ware that I colored with Radiant Rain misters. I used a protective coating to seal the piece.

This will also work nicely with polymer clay.

Our banana patch is taking off!

We planted a dwarf apple banana 2 yrs ago and harvested our first bananas in March. We were so excited, we looked out the window every day to see if the next keiki (baby plant) was ready to shoot off. Of course, we gave up...you know the watched pot story...
Welp...now 5 mos. later...we have new babies!
And...our original tree is now 7 trees (tho not bananas aren't really trees). These should take 6-8 months to ripen...

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Bucket List AB

In our Honolulu AB round robin...I had Lorena's book...The Bucket List. I love the way this one came out. In each house, I wrote places I'll be visiting, The rays of the sun are plans, goals, dreams.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mini Mask Altered Book project

Honolulu Altered Books meets 2nd Saturday of the month at Rubber Stamp Plantation. Debbie West has been facilitating our eclectic group of 10-14 for almost 5 yrs! It's a round robin...we each begin with our own books, set the parameters and theme...and then let go! Every month someone else creates a work of art in our book, then passes it along to the next in line. Here is a mini mask (less than 2 in) project for one of the books. Love to hear about your AB groups/projects! Also let us know if you want to join in the next round!

Friday, October 3, 2008

OK, I couldn't wait 'til Chanukah!

Ok...so Becky and I ducked out of work 'cause the beach was calling! In order to justify playing hooky we called it our "Chanukah Card Photo Shoot". In lieu of candles, still packed away from last yr, we scrounged up some drink umbrellas.
The life guard was truly entertained, and inquired whether it was "sacrilegious"...we thought not.
Will post more closer to the Festival of Lights!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Awaiting the perfect picture...Easel Mats

I adore these really well made mat frames. Awesome stamping/collage surface! I make them to sell at craft fairs, and they're a perfect make and take/class/stampclub project!
They have easels cut in the back that allows them to stand vertically, or horizontally. There are also 2 hang tabs for wall mounting.
colors are black or white, with 4x6 or 5x7 puka (opening).
Brilliance pads were my fancy for this one. Silver, copper, and gold ink pads with the Lau'ae fern , xlg tiare flower, xlg monstera leaf, postcard, and beach girl blanding stamps.
I know this will look much nicer once a picture inside, tho I just had to share! We'll have the Easel Mats for sale on our website soon! http://www.rubberstampplantation.com

No surface is safe...the mad stamper continues...

Sometimes I feel like a mad stamper! I have this black fabric ink pad on the table at all times...NOTHING is spared! I love this old monkey lamp that's been up front in the shop for eons... I pulled out timber and another brown stazon pad and sponged the background. I then added stamped images with my infamous black pad. I used my hand behind the shade for support against the rubber stamp.
I then stamped with the lg honu petro, petro panel, and gourd dancers stamps. All from Rubber Stamp Plantation Petroglyph collection.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Linda visits from Irving TX!

Linda had the grand walking tour of Honolulu today, trying to find Rubber Stamp Plantation. We loved having her, and look fwd to your visit as well. Let us know you're coming, and perhaps we'll set up a play date! David and Thomas gave her the 25cent tour...and pressed rubber just for her! Life is good!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fancy File Folders! Great project for any age!

It's Aloha Week, and festivities/activities are happening throughout Hawaii. The NEX invited us to participate in celebrations under their Big Top. I needed to do something quick, super easy, easily contained that would appeal to all ages, girls, boys, men, and women...crafters and self described creatively challenged. The project needed to be successful for anyone!
Here's how they came out! At a small table with 2 chairs, 12 stampers were able to do the make and take!
This is Adrianna, who brought her preschool age daughter. They both went home with a designer file folder (with matching paper clip!):).

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vietnam Stamp Store!

I just rec'd these photos from a friend! A stamp store in Vietnam! I'm soooo bummed I wasn't able to tell her to spend all her money there, and I would pay her back upon her return! No stamps, only a photo...Still I love the photo!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Match Boxes

I love matches about as much as I love candles. So sad hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. no longer carry them ( for the most part). Decided to make these as one of my new passions. We had great fun decorating them at Stampclub one evening.
.I emptied the box and painted the inside of the outer case, as well as the entire box with metalic airbrush paints by Dr. Ph Martins.
. I afixed lace ribbon to the bottom of the box leaving enought ribbon to tie a nice bow around the matches once i returned them to the drawer.
. I used collage elements to decorate, game pieces for feet, and beads/jewelry for the drawer pulls. Great Gift!!!! A must have for every bathroom, kitchen, meditation room...and kitchy campsite!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Quan Yin and Eternity Collage stamps!

Can you tell we're having a blast with the twinks and RSP stamps????
this is my demo table at the Made in Hawaii Festival which happens every year on the third weekend in August. You must come next yr!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FYI...it's a video! Bodacious Beads!

Cousin to Bodacious Bangles that have turned out to be one of the most universally successful classes/demos/projects in a long time...I had a chance to work with DYI Bangles newest product. The beads vary in size and shape, have nice consistant holes drilled perfectly, and are well finished. Vijay from DIY Bangles sent me some wood beads to play with. Have a look see. I used Luminarte's Radiant Rain misters and daubers, Pallette Hybrid metalic ink pads, and the Islamic Border stamp...one of my favorite and most versitile designs. If I can find it, I'll post the Art Clay Silver pendant I made with the Islamic Border Stamp...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sharon's off to Gallaudet University!

Sharon left us last week for her new adventure! Sharon joined us 4 yrs ago as one of 2 Deaf students from Pohnepei, Micronesia. They are the first Deaf students from Micronesia to ever go to college! Tania and her sister, Natasha met us at the airport to bid Sharon "adieu". We know Sharon will continue to inspire!
She also has a great creative bone, and loves anything purple!

Altered book...

here are a couple pages from an altered book I've been working on. Washi paper & Amy's leafing magic provide the backgrounds

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Farm: Mary and her Vetiver grass

For those of you who may not be in the loop, Mary found a little farm on the North Shore of Oahu last year on Craig's List. She's growing Vetiver...an amazing grass...fine web of roots grow 12-15 ft deep, stabilizing soil, preventing erosion, creating natural fence, preserving topsoil, and trapping moisture.
Here's Mary showing off her 18" Vetiver Hedge that can be used as a landscaping feature as well as being the environmental wonder we love. These plants are 1 yr old...from our first planting. They will continue for anther year to plump out into their mature 2' diameter clumps that when planted closely, interweave to create extremely effective barriers to runoff (and animals).

We made the Morning News!

Wow! We ended up in a media blitz Friday and Saturday. KHON Morning News filmed at our workshop with Manolo Morales from 6a-8a. (with toothpicks holding up my eyelids...it was a Made in Hawaii Festival preview show...we zipped out of here to open the show at 8:30am!!!!!) We had 4 3-4 min spots! Manolo made his own Bodacious Bangle with paw print and bamboo stamps. He's beyond smitten with Bubba...his Yorkie Terrier, now 2 yrs old.
He then made a snack platter with the Tiki Torches Hawaiian Island Decal...black on copper plate.
He managed to squeeze in another segment, again with the paw print and tracks stamps, he made a cotton tea towel to take home to his pup and wife.
Finally, he participated in the fine, ancient art of Rubber Pressing.
Be sure to see the video link at the top of the blog!

We also made the 6p and 10 pm on KHON as well as KHNL!
Newscasters showed up with cameramen in tow to ask about the Festival, the economy, small business, etc. Hope some of you got to see it. We were headlines on Saturday websites of both stations!!

Stamp displays at Made in Hawaii Festival

Thank you all who contributed cards for our brand spankin' new display boards! They looked awesome. we were so busy, forgot to take photos of the whole booth. You would've been proud! Stephanie Freeman, Helen, Lilla, Mike, Erin and more made stunning works of art with our 22 new stamp designs, Aloha from Hawaii stickers as well as stamps from our existing collection. http://www.rubberstampplantation.com will shoot you over to our new designs! keep the artwork coming and we'll post your cards, etc.
Inspire us!