Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We made the Morning News!

Wow! We ended up in a media blitz Friday and Saturday. KHON Morning News filmed at our workshop with Manolo Morales from 6a-8a. (with toothpicks holding up my eyelids...it was a Made in Hawaii Festival preview show...we zipped out of here to open the show at 8:30am!!!!!) We had 4 3-4 min spots! Manolo made his own Bodacious Bangle with paw print and bamboo stamps. He's beyond smitten with Bubba...his Yorkie Terrier, now 2 yrs old.
He then made a snack platter with the Tiki Torches Hawaiian Island Decal...black on copper plate.
He managed to squeeze in another segment, again with the paw print and tracks stamps, he made a cotton tea towel to take home to his pup and wife.
Finally, he participated in the fine, ancient art of Rubber Pressing.
Be sure to see the video link at the top of the blog!

We also made the 6p and 10 pm on KHON as well as KHNL!
Newscasters showed up with cameramen in tow to ask about the Festival, the economy, small business, etc. Hope some of you got to see it. We were headlines on Saturday websites of both stations!!

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