Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kiana and Kiani at BFS Paper Party!

Sisters Kiana and Kiani joined me at Ben Franklin Kailua for their annual Paper Party.
Stamping and coloring with markers and colored pencils was a huge hit with all! We then cut them out to make scrapbook pages.
Our calendar is on our website
More Paper Parties and other Demo's to follow throughout the State! Can't wait to see you there!

Friends from Yap visit Rubber Stamp Plantation

Our new friends Gina, Tina, and Tim, visited us last week from Yap! They were visiting Honolulu with Melanie, for the Pacific Rim Conference on Disabilities. Gina is a Deaf student (freshman in high school) who was "shadowing" Sharon for a few days. She's thinking of coming to college here in Hawaii, to study Deaf Studies, so she can become a Special Ed Teacher/Teacher for the Deaf. Sharon had a blast taking Gina to her college classes, going shopping, out to restaurants, and of course, bringing her to work at RSP! Gina did great, and we're ready to hire her when she comes to go to school. Tina, her mom, and Tim, her teacher in Yap, were accompanied by our great friend Melanie for a grand tour given by Sharon!
In the photo L to R: Deb, Sharon, Gina, Tina, Melanie, Tim, David, Thomas

Nancy, camped out on my desk wearing the Birthday Lei Melanie and Jan gave me! She's stylin'!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mandalas at Stampclub

Monday nite was Stampclub...everyone's invited! We meet the 3rd Monday of every month. The other nite, Rosemary led us in mandala creation. This was mine using the Korean Mosaic stamp in the center, swirl sun, mendhi hand, Islamic border, swirl heart, and last but not least, Deb's sun. I used crayola colored pencils. to color everything in, and a pigma micron to outline the detail in the Korean Mosaic stamp (because it stamped really lightly...I used a grey chalk pad).

Stampclub is 5:30-8p...everyone brings a pupu, all materials are included, and we take turns leading a project. We've been ongoing since 1998! If you'll be visiting our Islands, be sure to schedule your trip to include a play date with us!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What I did for my birthday!

I had the best birthday last week...and it just keeps on keepin' on! After dropping Lauren off at the Hilo Airport, I headed to the docks to ship my truck, filled like a stuffed kishka, back to Oahu. It was a blast. Kawai picked me up and gave me a tour of Kehaukaha (her neighborhood). We met up with Zeke, perused the corner candy store (bought out their supply of cherry mash, and picked up Koji burgers so we could meet Randy for lunch under the Banyan tree. Then off to Wal-mart to get some towels and 3 decks of cards. I spent the day with Zeke at the beach learning how to play his and Randy's favorite card game using 3 decks in fervent wind. This is the beach we settled in to until we met Randy again for dinner at their favorite Thai place before I was dropped back at the airport to catch my plane home. It was so sweet to see Mary at the other end waiting for me! Slobbery hugs and kisses from the pups too!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Turtle Toes

I just rec'd this cute note and photo from a sculptor staying on the big Island...

"I've been staying on Hawaii for a while now and have been having a ton of fun with your temporary tats. All my nieces and nephews wear them when they come to visit, and take some home with them when they leave. THANKS for making them cute and fun, looking forward to some popokis! I've attached a pic of some on my feet, they were a big hit. I'd be honored if you put me on your gallery to give people some ideas! All the little kids at Hapuna commented on them! "

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Embellishment Central-Honolulu

Embellishment Central...embellishments you never even dreamed of inspire your creativity, and throw a giggle your way! Yup, its a service I dump all your "...but it's good stuff!" drawers into a suitcase or two. Book 2 or more tickets on the cruise of your choice. Fly me to the departure port, and while you're in the casino, I'll sort thru all your "stuff". We'll have a blast the rest of the time!
The green shelves have a little roof on the unit. It came from The Poi Comany, and was their poi roll and muffin display. Rusty metal pieces, bingo, scrabble, triomino, keys, mahjong, elementary school lettering, bottle caps, single earrings, rusty pieces of tape measures, japanese movie film cans, matches from Ohio truck stops, are just a few of the treasures that call Embellishment Central "home". All part of our Treasure Chest and Art Bar. 746 Ilaniwai St. Honolulu. Give us a ring for detailed directions if its your first time. 808-591-2122

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Farm...first planting day

Farm Day: I just unearthed this photo of our very first planting day up at our farm on the North Shore of Oahu. Mary found the 5 acre ag lease on Craig's list a year ago. This was our first Vetiver Planting done by hand! I had Altered Book group this morning, and my knee needed to rest from a cortisone shot a few days ago, so I didn't make it up for "Farm Day" with Mary, Jane, and Woody. The Vetiver, , is doing really well. They'll continue to harvest, split, and will most likely replant tomorrow. We'll have another farm day next weekend, so if you're in town, be sure to call or email to let us know you're coming!

Thursday, April 10, 2008's a video: Volcanoes Nat'l Park-Halemaumau

Spent last week on the Big Island of Hawaii for the Merrie Monarch Festival. After 4 great days set up at the craft fair at Ah Fook Chinen (Butler Building), we headed home to Hawaiian Paradise Park to put on our jammies and watch the performances live on TV. Sunday Loren and I went holoholo up the mountain to Vocano. We stopped at Kilauea amazing little quilt shop, and lunched at the Lava Rock Cafe before heading into Volcanoes National Park to meet with Akiko...the buyer for their gift shop. The weather was amazing considering that Volcano Village and surrounding areas were evacuated yesterday when the winds changed, blowing sulfer and sulfuric acid the way of populated areas. As you can see by the photo and video, the sky was blue and the winds minimal. I took several virtual rolls of film just on the "clouds" of emissions. Loren and I then hiked the crater rim trail a ways...ever so often being wafted on the legs by warm damp air rising from a crack or hole on the side of the trail. The mini caverns, lined with glistening warm moss were bottomless to our sight.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bodacious Bangles!

I left for the Big Island of Hawaii March 31, and just returned last nite. Will post more about my amazing Volcano and lava experience later...want to get the skivvy posted about the Bodacious Bangles.

Material needed:
1. Rubber Stamp Plantation Stamps (fish tapa, hibiscus, maile lei, kukui lei, lau'ae-fern, swirl sun all xlg bamboo, lg bamboo, all worked great)

2. Wood bangles from

3. Radiant Rain luminescent paint daubers from Luminarte, Inc.

4. Stewart Superior black fabric ink (permanent black)

5. Blank/uninked microcellular foam ink pad (I love the large 3 1/2 x 6 1/4 inch pad)

6. Triple Thick coating by DecoArt

7. Makeup sponges to apply the paints

8. Sponge paint brushes to apply the Triple Thick

9. Something with spokes or similar to hang bracelets on to dry

Shake your paints well to evenly distribute the pigment and mica powders (luminescence)
Use the dauber to paint the outside of the bracelets. I open the paints and use makeup sponge for the inside.
Stamp with your favorite Rubber Stamp Plantation stamps with ink

When dry, rub side of bracelet on ink pad to make the black bands

Paint the outside with Triple Thick. let dry and paint the inside....
You're Pau! (done in Hawaiian!)