Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stamped Clip Board

This is one of my favorite all time gifts/projects that I've received from artists using Rubber Stamp Plantation stamps.
. hanging heliconia (3-D)
. new aloha
. xlg deb's sun
. xlg bamboo
. paradise is where I am...
. xlg postcard (postmarked early 20th century, mailed to a friend in S. Dakota, reading "...wouldn't you like to be where you can wear white dresses year round...")

It's too nice to use...so it's hanging in my kitchen.
Hope this inspires you!


  1. I so love this clipboard. I may have to make one or two as gifts.

  2. This clipboard is awesome. Did you cover it with something when you were done? I'd love to make one! Wish i had all those stampers. I just love them. HUGS