Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kamakura Japan...great day with Tai!

The steps to the Temple in old Kamakura. Formerly the capital of Japan, the town is rich in crafts, temples, and culture. Beach community in the summer...definitely the place to hang at the beach and catch a wave or 2.

this was inside the Budha...behind me are Budha's hands. Tai was amazing. He met me at the train station with umbrellas in hand, and guided me through the old city, winding in and out of streets of small specialty shops. Fish shop, bean shop, international and Japanese crafts....and yummy Japanese lunch, yummy beer, and heated floor! Tai wisked me into the yellow pigeon cookie store! WOW! Who knew???

Monday, February 1, 2010

Rubber Stamp Plantation arrives in Tokyo...

hi there! OMG! everyone is so sweet, helpful! Mary met me at the airport and bought me a suica (train card). we ended up taking the skyliner...reserved seats in the smoking car so i could get the full experience and a minor buzz by the time we arrived at Takadanobaba (Baba). must say, my contacts, along with sinuses rebelled! cold, tho am toasty warm in my fleece ear/collar thang and layers...happy camper! staying at old guest inn (ryokan) fw blocks from the el. train station. Eiko (60, looks 50, if that) just brought in my double futon and feather bed cover. yum. just enuf room for both of our futons on the heated floor mat. Still warm from the spicy chicken curry soup we had with Meg...Mary;s japanese friend (born and raised in Sao Paulo). Her parfait was amazing. 8 in parfait glass with corn flakes, topped with soft ice cream and sweet red beans, more corn flakes, mochi ball, corn flakes, more mini mochi with sesame powder, small scoop of green tea ice cream. more red beans, topped with soft serve swirl and fresh strawberries. aprox 750 y...after all that, a little less that a ft tall! coffee w/cream, outstanding! Meg will meet me at some station tmw to take me to gift show! yippee! rainy, snowy, and stil warm! thanks to Marys perseverence at Savers and Lisas infinite wisdom!