Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tropical Etch Glass Etching Class...Wed 12/10 6-8:30p

Hope you can join us for a (click for details) glass etching workshop Wed. 12/10 at Rubber Stamp Plantation.
David will be facilitating this adventure in one of the easiest and dramatic, up and coming crafts.
All the supplies are included...All the Tropical Etch stencils you can possibly use, in whatever designs you want; picks; etching cream; painter's masking tape, etc.
You bring the glass pieces you want to etch.
For beginners, you can probably get 3-6 pieces completed...for more advanced pieces using multiple least 2 or 3. David suggests you bring at least 5 pieces with you (including recycled glass!!!!).
This cobalt glass uses one stencil...and it's super quick and easy. Its a "tile" pattern that we created for use on bathroom tiles. As you can see...all the stencils are versitile. This one also looks great on a square glass platter. BFS is carrying some really nice ones in various sizes these days. When I get one done, I'll post a photo.
Meanwhile, you can catch more samples of glass we've etched on our new Tropical Etch gallery.

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