Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Quan Yin and Eternity Collage stamps!

Can you tell we're having a blast with the twinks and RSP stamps????
this is my demo table at the Made in Hawaii Festival which happens every year on the third weekend in August. You must come next yr!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008's a video! Bodacious Beads!

Cousin to Bodacious Bangles that have turned out to be one of the most universally successful classes/demos/projects in a long time...I had a chance to work with DYI Bangles newest product. The beads vary in size and shape, have nice consistant holes drilled perfectly, and are well finished. Vijay from DIY Bangles sent me some wood beads to play with. Have a look see. I used Luminarte's Radiant Rain misters and daubers, Pallette Hybrid metalic ink pads, and the Islamic Border of my favorite and most versitile designs. If I can find it, I'll post the Art Clay Silver pendant I made with the Islamic Border Stamp...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sharon's off to Gallaudet University!

Sharon left us last week for her new adventure! Sharon joined us 4 yrs ago as one of 2 Deaf students from Pohnepei, Micronesia. They are the first Deaf students from Micronesia to ever go to college! Tania and her sister, Natasha met us at the airport to bid Sharon "adieu". We know Sharon will continue to inspire!
She also has a great creative bone, and loves anything purple!

Altered book...

here are a couple pages from an altered book I've been working on. Washi paper & Amy's leafing magic provide the backgrounds

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Farm: Mary and her Vetiver grass

For those of you who may not be in the loop, Mary found a little farm on the North Shore of Oahu last year on Craig's List. She's growing amazing grass...fine web of roots grow 12-15 ft deep, stabilizing soil, preventing erosion, creating natural fence, preserving topsoil, and trapping moisture.
Here's Mary showing off her 18" Vetiver Hedge that can be used as a landscaping feature as well as being the environmental wonder we love. These plants are 1 yr old...from our first planting. They will continue for anther year to plump out into their mature 2' diameter clumps that when planted closely, interweave to create extremely effective barriers to runoff (and animals).

We made the Morning News!

Wow! We ended up in a media blitz Friday and Saturday. KHON Morning News filmed at our workshop with Manolo Morales from 6a-8a. (with toothpicks holding up my was a Made in Hawaii Festival preview show...we zipped out of here to open the show at 8:30am!!!!!) We had 4 3-4 min spots! Manolo made his own Bodacious Bangle with paw print and bamboo stamps. He's beyond smitten with Bubba...his Yorkie Terrier, now 2 yrs old.
He then made a snack platter with the Tiki Torches Hawaiian Island on copper plate.
He managed to squeeze in another segment, again with the paw print and tracks stamps, he made a cotton tea towel to take home to his pup and wife.
Finally, he participated in the fine, ancient art of Rubber Pressing.
Be sure to see the video link at the top of the blog!

We also made the 6p and 10 pm on KHON as well as KHNL!
Newscasters showed up with cameramen in tow to ask about the Festival, the economy, small business, etc. Hope some of you got to see it. We were headlines on Saturday websites of both stations!!

Stamp displays at Made in Hawaii Festival

Thank you all who contributed cards for our brand spankin' new display boards! They looked awesome. we were so busy, forgot to take photos of the whole booth. You would've been proud! Stephanie Freeman, Helen, Lilla, Mike, Erin and more made stunning works of art with our 22 new stamp designs, Aloha from Hawaii stickers as well as stamps from our existing collection. will shoot you over to our new designs! keep the artwork coming and we'll post your cards, etc.
Inspire us!

Stamped silk eye pillows at Stampclub

We had great fun stamping silk with Rubber Stamp Plantation stamps, and Palette Hybrid ink pads from Stewart Superior. We loved the metalics and everyone went home with a project they adored. Val found buckwheat and lavender to fill them, on the internet.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hi Ho, hi to the show we go....a video clip

Just another day in the life of Rubber Stamp Plantation and our Show schedule. Yup, we're off to NBC to set up for the Made in Hawaii Festival...Eric bringing up the rear with a rousing chorus of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song. Wish you were here!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mermaid...another day in Paradise...

Sharon Diskin created this amazing collage made with Rubber Stamp Plantation stamps, using Twinkling H20's by Luminarte.

Stamps used: sitting mermaid, maile, lehua blossom, coral, petite shell honu, sea plant, md. sand dollar, nautilus, bubbles.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Groovy Peace Signs

Way too cute groovy peace symbols! We just finished them along with groovy surf/paddle boards, and more...We'll be debuting them at Made in Hawaii Festival Aug 15-17 at Neil Blaisdel Exhibition Hall on Ward Ave in Honolulu. They'll be part of our new collection of Hawaiian Island Decals, as well as Rubber Stamp Plantation fine art stamps. Hope to see you there. We'll have ongoing demos at our Booth #207/208. Come by for great ideas for all your holiday gifts!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hooked on Bangles! Bodacious Bangles

Just finished another batch-o-bangles! I'm now sooo addicted to these buggers. I'm becoming much more experimental and daring with color mixing. Also experimenting with stamps that I hadn't thought of before. Picture on the left is the Koi Vase stamp. love the way it came out.
Now off to wash up and hele on home.