Monday, June 23, 2008

What have you done with your stamps lately?

This is a collection of some of my favorite stamped projects....
1. Left: (No longer black) leather Italian boots I found at Goodwill.
At the toes...Leaf Mandala Stamp.
The instep...Bali Cloth Design.
Stamped with Stewart Superior black fabric ink.
Toe tips are double stick tape stripes with alternating copper, gold, and silver glitter.
Painted with Dr. Ph Martin's Ready Tex Paints.
Rose lame, copper, gold, pewter, silver, brass.

2. Center: Stamped candydish.
Stamped using Rubber Stamp Plantation Tolum stamp with black fabric ink on the underside. Sponged Ready Tex metalic paints. Sealed with several coats of polyeurathane.

3. Wood Heart Door Hanging by Stephanie Freeman.
Wahine, and Post Card Rubber Stamp Plantation stamps. I LOVE this!!!

Let me know what you think!