Monday, September 8, 2008

Match Boxes

I love matches about as much as I love candles. So sad hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. no longer carry them ( for the most part). Decided to make these as one of my new passions. We had great fun decorating them at Stampclub one evening.
.I emptied the box and painted the inside of the outer case, as well as the entire box with metalic airbrush paints by Dr. Ph Martins.
. I afixed lace ribbon to the bottom of the box leaving enought ribbon to tie a nice bow around the matches once i returned them to the drawer.
. I used collage elements to decorate, game pieces for feet, and beads/jewelry for the drawer pulls. Great Gift!!!! A must have for every bathroom, kitchen, meditation room...and kitchy campsite!


  1. Wonderful! How many things can you create with a matchbox? I keep treasure moments when I was a child (6 yrs) I used shoe boxes as houses for miniature dolls and I used matchboxes to create beds, furniture, tables, chests... so much fun! I admire people who has the sensibility to create eye candy out of something so simple as a matchbox. Would love to receive one of yours for sure.

  2. Love the matchboxes. Now I have something else to try ;) Thanks for the inspiration.