Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What I did for my birthday!

I had the best birthday last week...and it just keeps on keepin' on! After dropping Lauren off at the Hilo Airport, I headed to the docks to ship my truck, filled like a stuffed kishka, back to Oahu. It was a blast. Kawai picked me up and gave me a tour of Kehaukaha (her neighborhood). We met up with Zeke, perused the corner candy store (bought out their supply of cherry mash, and picked up Koji burgers so we could meet Randy for lunch under the Banyan tree. Then off to Wal-mart to get some towels and 3 decks of cards. I spent the day with Zeke at the beach learning how to play his and Randy's favorite card game using 3 decks in fervent wind. This is the beach we settled in to until we met Randy again for dinner at their favorite Thai place before I was dropped back at the airport to catch my plane home. It was so sweet to see Mary at the other end waiting for me! Slobbery hugs and kisses from the pups too!


  1. OMG...Happy Birthday!
    Sounds luverly...good pic's too!
    Curly headed girl in palm waving paradise...have a blissful day...
    love and kisses,

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Deb!! It sounds like it was a wonderful celebration!



  3. Happy BDay Debz!!!
    Hope I can make it on Monday. Great Blog btw... It reflects the beauty of your stamps and the fun inks you use. I also added your blog onto my Blogroll.

    Hope to see you soon!

  4. Happy (belated) Birthday wishes to you, Deb!!! Great photo... what a lovely place to spend your special day. Love the rest of your blog, too... thanks for sharing with us!

    Birthay hugs & kisses,


  5. Hi Deb..happy belated birthday! I'm here to tag can find all of the details here;

    craft you later,