Thursday, April 10, 2008's a video: Volcanoes Nat'l Park-Halemaumau

Spent last week on the Big Island of Hawaii for the Merrie Monarch Festival. After 4 great days set up at the craft fair at Ah Fook Chinen (Butler Building), we headed home to Hawaiian Paradise Park to put on our jammies and watch the performances live on TV. Sunday Loren and I went holoholo up the mountain to Vocano. We stopped at Kilauea amazing little quilt shop, and lunched at the Lava Rock Cafe before heading into Volcanoes National Park to meet with Akiko...the buyer for their gift shop. The weather was amazing considering that Volcano Village and surrounding areas were evacuated yesterday when the winds changed, blowing sulfer and sulfuric acid the way of populated areas. As you can see by the photo and video, the sky was blue and the winds minimal. I took several virtual rolls of film just on the "clouds" of emissions. Loren and I then hiked the crater rim trail a ways...ever so often being wafted on the legs by warm damp air rising from a crack or hole on the side of the trail. The mini caverns, lined with glistening warm moss were bottomless to our sight.

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