Sunday, April 13, 2008

Embellishment Central-Honolulu

Embellishment Central...embellishments you never even dreamed of inspire your creativity, and throw a giggle your way! Yup, its a service I dump all your "...but it's good stuff!" drawers into a suitcase or two. Book 2 or more tickets on the cruise of your choice. Fly me to the departure port, and while you're in the casino, I'll sort thru all your "stuff". We'll have a blast the rest of the time!
The green shelves have a little roof on the unit. It came from The Poi Comany, and was their poi roll and muffin display. Rusty metal pieces, bingo, scrabble, triomino, keys, mahjong, elementary school lettering, bottle caps, single earrings, rusty pieces of tape measures, japanese movie film cans, matches from Ohio truck stops, are just a few of the treasures that call Embellishment Central "home". All part of our Treasure Chest and Art Bar. 746 Ilaniwai St. Honolulu. Give us a ring for detailed directions if its your first time. 808-591-2122

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