Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Friends from Yap visit Rubber Stamp Plantation

Our new friends Gina, Tina, and Tim, visited us last week from Yap! They were visiting Honolulu with Melanie, for the Pacific Rim Conference on Disabilities. Gina is a Deaf student (freshman in high school) who was "shadowing" Sharon for a few days. She's thinking of coming to college here in Hawaii, to study Deaf Studies, so she can become a Special Ed Teacher/Teacher for the Deaf. Sharon had a blast taking Gina to her college classes, going shopping, out to restaurants, and of course, bringing her to work at RSP! Gina did great, and we're ready to hire her when she comes to go to school. Tina, her mom, and Tim, her teacher in Yap, were accompanied by our great friend Melanie for a grand tour given by Sharon!
In the photo L to R: Deb, Sharon, Gina, Tina, Melanie, Tim, David, Thomas

Nancy, camped out on my desk wearing the Birthday Lei Melanie and Jan gave me! She's stylin'!

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