Sunday, June 24, 2012

RSP on the East Coast!

Aloha from Connecticut!

I'm Erin. I live next door to Deb's parents in Stamford, CT.  A few years back Mrs. Z came over and asked me why I always had my lights on late into the night... 3am, 4am, etc... I told her "I stamp". She asked if I meant with Rubber Stamps to which I said "Yes". I was surprised that she knew what I was talking about, because I didn't know many people who "stamped". She ran home and came back with some samples of Deb's product and told me all about Rubber Stamp Plantation. I was immediately in love!

My favorites seem to be the Tiare flowers which have made their way onto some of my collages here on the East Coast. I love these stamps! 

Petite Tiare (RSP)
Medium Tiare (RSP)
Extra Large Tiare (RSP)
random text images
Molding paste
Monarch Stencil (Luminarte)
Silks Acrylic Glaze (Luminarte in VaVoom Red, Carmen and Coral Berry)
Acrylic paint
walnut stain

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