Monday, June 14, 2010

What does your pencil holder look like?

What does your pencil holder look like? This is just one of mine. I keep forgetting to turn around. I'm bound to find exactly what I need in one, if not another. I just counted 5 of them on and around my desk. I think I could survive on a desert island with what's in just this one of my "pencil holder" type thingys. Inventory: exacto knife, paint brush sponge, ruler, tweezers, bull clip, 3 spoons, 2 fork, black cord with shell pendant, lip balm, glue stick, drawing pen, glue pen, the ever necessary lip liner, stipple brush, lead pencil, pencil with bumble bee to entertain me, metalic gold paint pen, several ball point pens, orange pencil, several #2 pencils, mini box cutter, mini container of 12g of Tajin "salsa en polvo", and a pokey wooden ceramic tool/cuticle pusher back.

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