Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bottle cap jewelry...with Aloha from Hawaii Vintage Stickers

Thank you to everyone who sends me bottle caps. What kind of beer or soda do you drink? Don't throw them away...send them this way! Filming tomorrow for a Joy of Crafting segment that will air mid August, just in time for the Made in Hawaii Festival. Be sure to save the date and stop by. As usual, something fun and festive will be happening at our booth. August 21-23, 2009. We'll be in Booth #219/220 at Neil Blaisdell Center.

The "how to...":
smash bottle cap on both sides with a hammer
pluck out the plastic seal from what used to be the inside. this is perhaps the toughest part.
use a nail, awl, ice pick to hammer a hole as close to the top as you can.
use a 1 inch hole punch to punch out the vintage sticker of your choice.
stick it on the bottle cap.
fill with diamond glaze. let dry overnite. attach beads or just an earing wire!

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