Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tropical favorite vase broke!

I'm soooo glad David had photo'd my favorite vase made with our Tropical Etch glass etching stencils! This one was relatively easy to make, tho have yet to find a similar vase to replace it.

To create this I used:
2 packs of Tropical Etch 4 in Lau'ae stencils
2 packs of Tropical Etch 2 in Lau'ae stencils
(I had extras from both size packages leftover to use on other projects)
Glass etching wood handle pick with burnishing end (to remove unwanted part of the stencil and burnish any air bubbles, or "tents").
Etchall Creme (reusable!)

Foreground is "reverse" etched using the 2 in Lau'ae (fern) design. I masked off the spiral stripe first with blue masking tape. I then placed the stencils in a random patern leaving the white leaf stencil on the glass, removing the background. The leaf stencil served as a mask, and the background of the stripe was etched.

The etched leaved in the background resulted from removing the leaf design (4 in fern/lau'ae), and leaving the background portion of the stencil. I used masking tape to cover any exposed glass areas within the stripe area I had portioned off for the larger stencils. This resulted in the leaves being etched by the creme while the background of the area was protected by the remaining part of the stencil.

This was a stunning piece 8 in at the base, 12 in at the top and 18 in tall. It was in several gallery shows and led to quite a few orders for similar pieces that sold for $75-$225! I also gave a few away as wedding gifts! Check out the YouTube videos and our site for instructions and to order stencils for your showcase project!

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